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 Issue when running telnet program using python3
I think, I'm close finish this up. :))
if password:

        tn.write(b"conf t"+b"\n")
        tn.write(b"hostname test1"+b"\n")
        tn.write(b"terminal length 0"+b"\n")
        tn.write(b"show run"+b"\n")
##        time.sleep(5)
#Save method
        readoutput = tn.read_all()
        saveoutput = open("device" + HOST, "w")
Put a break at the end, and I eliminate the socket error.. But there no data on the file named as device.
Removed the break for the loop to continue, but Got a new issue... I'm able to finish all task in function like change hostname copy and export the cofig but only for 1 device other device just successfully change the hostname but the writing the configuration into the file that has been created.. :(

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