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 Iterate through all files in a folder and make simple calculation

I want to iterate through a number of .xlsx files in a folder and make a simple calculation for each of the rows in each file. I want to subtract a given number ('compensation') from the first cell (index 0). I then want the calculated value ('corrected_pressure') returned in the adjacent cell (index 1) to the right. I want this to occur for the first cell in every row where there is data. I then want the process iterated for all the .xlsx files in a folder.

I have begun below but I can't seem to get line 5 working;

compensation = 1000

import openpyxl as xl
import Files
for i in Files:
    if i[-4:] =='xlsx':
        wb = xl.load_workbook(i)
        sheet = wb['Content']
        for row in range(2, sheet.max_row+1):
            cell = sheet.cell(row, 2)
            corrected_pressure = cell.value - compensation
            corrected_pressure_cell = sheet.cell(row, 4)
            corrected_pressure_cell.value = corrected_pressure
I get the error;

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/daniel.appleton/PycharmProjects/draft/", line 5, in <module> for i in Files: TypeError: 'module' object is not iterable
Any ideas? Should be a simple fix

What is Files?
You're importing it and then you iterate over Files, which is not possible, because it's a module.

If you want to get a list of file, use os.listdir or use pathlib.Path.

from pathlib import Path

my_home = Path.home()
my_data = my_home / "Desktop/data"

for file in my_data.glob("*.xlsx"):
    print(file, type(file))
    wb = xl.load_workbook(file)
    # if openpyxl is complaining about file, convert it to a str
    # wb = xl.load_workbook(str(file))
If openpyxl doesn't support pathlib objects, then you convert the pathlib object to a str.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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is the folder which holds all the files that I want to iterate through.

(line 5) supposed to equal the location of the .xlsx files that I want to iterate through?


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