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JupyterLab Dictionary Content Output Format
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JupyterLab Dictionary Content Output Format

Brand new to Python and this my first question on the forum (please be gentle Rolleyes)

I have defined a dictionary with separate keys and values as lists, shown below;

people = {
    "first": ["Corey", "Jane", "John"],
    "last": ["Shafer", "Doe", "Millard"],
When i print the contents of the dictionary in "JupyterLab" the output is then returned in the following format;

{'first': ['Corey', 'Jane', 'John'],
 'last': ['Shafer', 'Doe', 'Millard'],
 'email': ['',
When i do the same using "Spyder" the output is returned with each keys contents list on the same line, as shown below;

{'first': ['Corey', 'Jane', 'John'], 'last': ['Shafer', 'Doe', 'Millard'], 'email': ['', '', '']}
How do i get "JupyterLab" to output the contents of the dictionary the same format as "Spyder" does, all on a single line? Or at least each keys list completely on each keys line.

Must be a setting in "JupyterLabs" perhaphs?

Many thanks for taking your time, any help is really appreciated.

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