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 Kirill_Dubovitskiy has dark perception of the world, but (s)he should not be banned
Kirill_Dubovitskiy has dark perception of the world, but (s)he should not be banned.

They're even a bit of an a**hole and pessimistic about everything in their life. But in the nature of open source and community the posts should not be blocked, nor banned, only ignored if you so choose.

Just my 2 cents
Hmm... okay now I'm just confused.

I thought at first you were the other poster, but it seems you are just advocating for him?
I don't believe he has been banned, though he was given a warning last I checked.

As to just ignoring him, no. This is a moderated forum. He can express opinions but if he starts insinuating, without cause, that others are being racist (or just being a jerk in general) it isn't going to be tolerated.

Also, as has been pointed out before, he seems to be under the impression that we are related to the Python Organization or have anything to do with Guido or the language's administration.

We have no affiliation with them. We are just fans of the language that enjoy contributing to a forum for our favorite language.
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+1 to each thing Mek mentioned and one additional thing - they came here and just complained. They weren't an existing member of the community, and there was really nothing productive coming from them. I don't think we were doing them any good either. So with all that in mind, keeping them around on top of ignoring direct personal insults doesn't seem like a good way to go about things to me.
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Feel like you're not getting the answers you want? Checkout the help/rules for things like what to include/not include in a post, how to use code tags, how to ask smart questions, and more.

Pro-tip - there's an inverse correlation between the number of lines of code posted and my enthusiasm for helping with a question :)
Was it the political post about python? Yesterday I read this and I was very angry about this. Political Correctness is the killer for communication. I live in Germany I see it live, what it's doing to my people.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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All humans together. We don't need politicians!
Wasn't about master/slave, no. Just a thread where a guy didn't like Guido.
If there are personal insults at forum members, I would agree to a punishment. If there was, I missed it. I thought it was just complaining.
If you look at his account he is not banned. He may post here under that account still. He also did not get a warning for anything he said. He got a warning for creating a new thread by trying to bypass his original thread that was closed. It was closed in agreement from mods and admins that he was getting out of control and he needs to just drop it. Its one thing if he didn't understand Guido's decision and came here asking help in understanding it and still not agreed. But he came here basically to just review Guido; and not in the proper way either. He was hostile to Guido and anyone who slightly defended him. We have seen people like him before. If we do not put an end to it they often move from their thread to anyone's thread saying the same stuff. That or constantly keep creating new threads. Which at either point he would be banned. If we were really trying to shut him down we would of banned his IP address, removed his account, and deleted the thread. None of that we did. We just cant let that thread continue as nothing productive is coming from it.
Yes, understood. It's a fine and difficult line to keep.
Thanks for the explanation.
I wanted to add that to whomever reads this that that type of discussion is allowed. There is bad and good to everything, including Python. But you have to be professional and courteous if you are trying to make a change, not act like a troll.
(Sep-16-2018, 02:16 PM)metulburr Wrote: He also did not get a warning for anything he said. He got a warning for creating a new thread by trying to bypass his original thread that was closed.

I would like to clarify, since I am the one who issued the warning and I am incurably honest, that I did mention insults and unfounded accusations in the warning. So the warning came from trying to bypass the closed thread, but it did include things that were said.
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