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 Kivy - OpenCollective - [Announcement] Kivy funding.
[Announcement] Kivy funding.

Quote:We have set up an OpenCollective project to collect
recurring donations, with the target of eventually supporting one or
more core developers working full time on the project.

The full details can be found on the Kivy OpenCollective page
(, but the initial scheme is simple: the
donations fill fund as much time as possible for Mathieu Virbel (tito)
to work on Kivy and sister projects, providing monthly reports on his
progress. There is no obligation of any kind, but, if you rely on Kivy
for your work, or just love it and can afford it, please consider
setting up recurring donations to allow us to achieve the best possible
Kivy ecosystem. When there is enough money, we will happily add more
core developers to that scheme, depending on availability, and increase
the pace.

We understand that finance depends a lot on location and situation, and
not everybody can contribute the same amount. If you have a small
business or are part of a big company that is using Kivy, consider that
you are probably in a much better position to help us than other users. page
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