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"Last post" - go to first new post
So when I click on "Last post" next to a thread name on a sub-forum's thread-list, I will be taken to that thread's page at the exact point where the first new and unread post waits for me. That is, if I read the thread earlier and now come back when more posts have been added. That is a very useful feature I use often.

However now, I am searching for the same link with the same functionality located on the thread-page itself. I would assume it be somewhere in the top section next to name or thread rating or something alike. Other forums do have it there somehow. It just reads "Go to first unread post" or something like that. We don't yet have it here, do we?
Is there an option to view threads in reverse order?
the last post link will take you to exactly that...the last post regardless of whether it is unread or not. posts[-1] The little green arrow to the far left is the one that takes you to the first unread post in the thread, whether you have read it before or not.

Quote:However now, I am searching for the same link with the same functionality located on the thread-page itself.
I dont think mybb has this feature. Once you open the thread it assumes you have read the unread posts (i think).
No, mybb still has that knowledge. When I open the thread's page, I will see a red text "Unread post" for all unread posts.
i think i understand. Do the same as the green arrow but within the thread, right? Im not sure. Let me check up on that.

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