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Lead Developer - Create the Code to Stop Global Warming
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Lead Developer - Create the Code to Stop Global Warming
Create the Code to Stop Global Warming

Our client, right.based on science UG, from Frankfurt/Main in Germany has developed a highly mathematical and science-based software called the “XDC Model.” Dealing with climate management from a financial risk perspective, they provide services to companies, organisations, or governments who want to define, track, and show the results of so-called climate metrics. Strategic partners such as the ESA (European Space Agency) or the CESAH (Centre of Satellite Navigation Hesse) have already joined the challenge, providing satellite data for more XDC accuracy.

The Challenge
The current status is “after prototype, before commercialisation/scaling.” Though main development work will be Python-based, it’s up to you as the expert to look beyond Python to make well-considered decisions for the underlying infrastructure, choice of development language(s), the architecture, or even future tech stacks. Critical thinking is needed.

We are glad when you think twice and coach the management team and their vision to succeed in the most state of the art way as possible. You are able to understand how various software works in an IT landscape. Over time you will build and lead your team, assigning tasks from dev ops via the backend to frontend. After a certain period of familiarisation, you will take over responsibility for a junior developer and two existing freelancers.

What expects you there?
Hannah and Sebastian, the founders, and their current team of 10 are 100% behind the philosophy and the vision of the task. So much so, they even raise their fruits and vegetables on the rooftop to minimise harmful climate effects. Other than that, you’ll communicate with mathematicians or climate scientists and maybe even bankers internally and externally to better understand the requirements needed for the software development. Since it’s a startup environment, compensation packages during the first year are limited to 40.000€, with potential for more as the company grows. They follow an “equal pay for all employees model” and “shared company responsibility” philosophy. Why? For the sake of saving the world since we’re all in it together. Quite literally.

Interested? Write Fabrizio Bartoloni an email:

Linux Lancers is the specialised recruiting agency for developers run by open source developers serving the open source community.
I would be glad to assist you.
It would be great if you can please email me at so that we could discuss it ahead.
Looking forward for your kind attention.
Best Regards,
Anna J
Skype: cis.am2

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