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 Learning Python in a month
Hello Folks,
I hope you guys are doing great.
This is my first post in the forum.
I have started the blockchain programming in python learning from yesterday and have challenged myself to learn it in a month. I am a business owner; I run a magazine named Executives Diary in the US the magazine will be launching on 16 August with 100 diaries from top Executives.
My vision is to take Executives Diary into DAAP by 2020.

I have a few questions to take help from the community.

  1. as it is possible to learn in a month last time I coded in Objective C for iPhone back in 2010.
  2. Paython is a good option for blockchain programming, I am leaning toward the EOS platform for blockchain.
  3. How I should divide my time and what are the best standard practices for learning path, I have 4 hours a day for learning Python.
I wouldnt say you would get fluent in any language in a month. 120 hours is just not enough time. However if you are doing a specific task, it is sufficient for most likely accomplishing that task. Although you may stumble here and there. Sometimes people say you have to unlearn things you've learned from other languages, while others say it can give you a boost. I think its a little of both. It is determined by the way you learn. How long it takes, what materials you need to learn, etc. Each person it different, and thus will take various times to learn the same thing.

You can acquire books for a cost. Or you can learn anything online for free now. Google is your friend.

I think new coders often make the mistake of reading and watching videos too much. There comes a point when you just need to do it. So i would start out by reading, but i would make sure to put in a lot more time of coding as that is where the real learning begins.

I think another mistake new coders make is they try to push the envelope and go beyond their experience. I would definitely start with the fundamentals and only after that move on to your acquired tastes.

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