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 List and isinstance
numbers = [1, 2, 3,[4,5,6]]`
for i in numbers:`
	if isinstance(i,list):`
1. when 1 = 1 , why it ins't an instance of list ? It is a nested list and 1 is definitely an element of outer list.
2. When i becomes 4 , output is YES. It is an inner list so why the same logic was not implemented for when i = 1.
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(Jan-14-2019, 03:48 PM)Roh_80 Wrote: when 1 = 1

This is why you shouldn't name variables 'i', because it easily gets confused with 1 or l.

The first time through the loop, i is 1. That is not a list, that is an integer. It doesn't matter if it is an element of a list, isinstance checks if it is a list itself. The last time through the list, i is [4, 5, 6]. That is a list, and it is a list of integers.
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