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 Login screen code with SQL Server database

I am new to Python.
I want to create a simple login page where it takes login name and password.
Database used is SQL Server and the credentials should be validated with data from SQL Server table.
Can anyone help me with sample code for the same.
Thanks in advance !.
Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately this is not how it works. You need to put some effort, show us your code and ask questions regarding specific problems.
Hi Buran,

Thanks for taking your time and response.

Login screen is not the only one I am planning to develop.
I just asked for "sample code for the same".
Idea was to see what's the simplest way to read/write data into SQL Server DB.

Well, when I google, hardly got anything with Python and SQL Server.
Found some with other DBs like mySQL, but looks third party components are used, which I don't really want to.
And some of the code looks very complex for basic DML operations, so was totally confused.

I have already developed pages for exporting data into excel/text etc.
Trying to put everything together and make it as a small project which will used by other users.

As member of many other forums, sometimes I myself put some effort and prepare script for others, thinking it will help them get going, hence I pinged here too.

Well, once again thanks for your reply. Though it dint really help me in any way.

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