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Looking For Technical Lead Proficient in Agile Development and REST API deployment
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Looking For Technical Lead Proficient in Agile Development and REST API deployment
Deedabase is a revolutionary enterprise cloud application that automates land title searches. Our interactive parcel map reduces the tedious process of running a chain of title by providing run sheets of enriched county land records for any given tract of land. Instant access to property title run sheets allows our users to focus on analyzing land records – not finding them.
Our proprietary data-mining application harnesses the power of modern cloud architecture, natural language processing, and pattern recognition to navigate through decades of unstructured text while extracting legal and cadastral data to our geospatial database in AWS.

Our current technology stack consists of:
• MongoDB 
• Python 
• Django 
• JavaScript 
• PHP 
• Apache 
• AWS 
• Leaflet 
• Git

Deedabase is a current client of the Houston Technology Center's energy acceleration program in Houston, TX.


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