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 Looking for beginner Python Programmers.
(Please read the below...)

My names Lewis, im a new Programmer
and i have chose PYTHON as a language that really catches my eye.

To put a long story short, Im looking for some people
who are new to Python to learn with me...

If your in the same situation of me, please reply back to me...

Thanks, Lewis
A suggestion:

Most of the maker groups are going online now.
They are a group of people who meet usually once a month on various subjects.
You can find the UK python groups by googling: 'python maker groups UK' find one who has gone to online meetings.
From the meetings, you will meet many new coders, and can connect with them to make your own learning group, and meet as frequently as you wish.
Thanks, but im not looking to meet up. Yano Stranger Danger n that...
Please, write normally. No need for fancy centered, bold, etc. posts
Larz60+ suggested online meetings, at least for the time being

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