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 MAP tool automation
>>>import pyautogui as pag
>>> import os
>>> os.startfile("C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit\Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit")
The tool is launched with Yes/No(No is chosen by default)
I need to click Yes using pyautogui.How do I do this ?
I believe I need to bring that application to the foreground and have my code press Yes using python code.
Once I click Yes the tool will launch and then I start configuring. I am stuck near Yes/No.Assistance is appreciated.
Are you sure there is no way to supply the "Yes" as a command line argument ?
no command line
Okay well pyautogui is simply a screen automation navigation tool if you dig into the documentation it pretty much outlines the how of it -- but what I would do if I were is learn to use it in pieces -- get a little pyautogui program running that does something simple then expand upon that until you are comfortable with how it works. Maybe work up to having it open a text file on your desktop

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