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 MYSQL how to assign a table for each user in my username table database?
So I have a mysql database with a table that stores each individual's username and password and ID. How do I assign a new table for each individual user when a signal is called (EX: when the user creates a new account, a new table is created for them and only them) or Another example being if the user logs off and logs back in, his/hers data in the tables will be still be stored from last. I think you get the point.

Thank you!
(Dec-25-2019, 10:58 PM)YoshikageKira Wrote: when the user creates a new account, a new table is created for them and only them)
that (table per each user) is very poor DB schema design. You really should not do this. Imagine what will happen with table count when number of users raise
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