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 Made a simple script for android (really simple) but it is not running
Hello, people, I'm trying to run a script in Android in qPython3 (root enabled) that reads an integer "inode" and look for files in the "/proc/" folder such that this number appears in the "/proc/$pid/fd" file and gives me all the "PIDs" (an integer that represents the process in linux) found in /proc such that inode is in the /proc/pid/fd The code is fairly simple and gives me no compile errors but i can't even get the "input" to be displayed. Here is the code:

PS: how do i jump from a line to another in python tag?
import os

def getpid():
    inode = input("Insert inode:")
    # get a list of all files and directories in /proc
    procFiles = os.listdir("/proc/")
    # remove the pid of the current python process
    procFiles.remove(str(os.getpid()))  # set up a list object to store valid pids
    pids = []
    for f in procFiles:
        try:  # convert the filename to an integer and back, saving the result to a list
            integer = int(f)
        except ValueError:  # if the filename doesn't convert to an integer, it's not a pid, and we don't care about it
    for pid in pids:  # check the fd directory for socket information
        fds = os.listdir("/proc/%s/fd/" % pid)
        for fd in fds:  # save the pid for sockets matching our inode
            if ('socket:[%d]' % inode) == os.readlink("/proc/%s/fd/%s" % (pid, fd)):
                print("%d," % pid)
                return pid
I have tried formatting your code, not totally sure if I've got all the indention correct.
it seems you have not called.
Thank you very much! It is running now

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