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 Making a list for positive vs negative reviews based on rating
Hi guys!

I'm very new to Python, so hopefully someone can give me pointers in regards to "for loops".

I'm doing a sentiment analysis and am trying to make a separate list for positive vs negative reviews. The data is in 3 columns (id, sentiment, review)

To give you an idea, the data head looks like this:

id  sentiment                                             review
0  5814_8          1  With all this stuff going down at the moment w...
1  2381_9          1  \The Classic War of the Worlds\" by Timothy Hi...

Why does the code below not work? I don't get an error but when I try to print it, nothing happens. Huh Huh
I basically want to separate pos vs neg reviews into two lists, so I can compare the word count of the unique words.
num_reviews = data["review"].size

positive_reviews = []
negative_reviews = []

#Positive reviews have a sentiment of 1, negative a sentiment of 0

for i in range( 0, num_reviews ):
    if data["sentiment"][i] == "1":
        if data["sentiment"][i] == "0":
: sparkz_alot
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Making a list for positive vs negative reviews based on rating - by fancy_panther - Mar-22-2017, 11:02 PM

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