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 Making a small...droid
hi all!

as a Star Wars fan, i always loved the droids ....from the familiar R2-D2 all the way to the more aggresive 3 - 4 legged combat droids

seeing as there is allread a BB8 toy on sale (yep, just google it out! - and it also moves pretty much exactly as in the movie), i was always pondering ... would it be possible to code, using Python, a 3 or 4 legged droid (like the one in the link - there is an image there), to just walk arround and raise/lower its arms?

maybe even some robotic voice/sounds

Could it accept remote control inputs or simply be programmed to move from point A to point B ? (a "patrol")

can these things be acomplished with Python language?

just goodle "star wars droids" on google image (apparently, i cannot post a link to the image!)

Posting links is disabled for newly registered users due to spam-bots, or should I say spam-droids.

Yes, all which you have listed, and much more, can be done with Python. I reckon the hardware/mechanical part of such a project would be a much greater challenge, at least in the beginning. But if you have that covered, making droid's brain with Python is very doable. Surely one can find numerous robotics projects that include Python and usually Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black hardware boards.

Your idea sounds fun, I hope you will pursue it and let us know about your progress. :)

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