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 Mid-to-senior Remote Django Developer Role / Flexible (Australian-based dev studio)
Hi Everyone :wave:,
We are an Australian-based Django shop and we're looking for a *remote* mid-to-senior Django developer to join our team.
The job is flexible and can be part time or full time hours. Working hours are flexible too, and we'll stay in touch via slack.
Ideally you'll have several years django experience, vue.js experience would be great too, and know how to setup a host machine with all the necessary things to run a project (we primarily use AWS to host our projects).
We use slack/trello/email/gdocs/phone to collaborate. And the types of projects we work on range from startups, mobile apps (with django as a backend), bespoke websites for medium-sized business, and some commercial stuff. Some projects you'd be working with a team of other devs, and some you'd be the sole developer working with our designer and/or app devs.
Drop me a message if this is something you'd be interested in.
Thanks, Mitchell
Hi Mitchell,

I would be happy to help. Please mail me at: and add me on skype: to discuss more.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Gabriel A.
M: +1-347-960-4171

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