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Can there be a mobile version of this website? I'm on my phone and everything is extremely small. The website is scaling everything on to a 4 inch screen.
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The mobile plugins we have used in the past are made by one or two people and had problems that made the default theme unusable forcing us to not use it at all. This hasnt been much of an issue as most people are on their desktop when programming, but just reading the forums I can for sure see useful to have a mobile friendly.

I would say its safe to assume that we will not be paying for someone to make a custom responsive theme or mobile plugin and would wait for there to be the default responsive theme from MyBB. This is planned in an upcoming update.
Bootstrap css?
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It looks like that. it's a pity that the mobile version will not be supported. *** LINK REMOVED *** But as the administration said, they will wait for the final decision. Maybe you should turn to the community and develop on the solution of the issue?
buran wrote Aug-22-2018, 05:46 AM:
Don't post this advertisement link again. This time I will not delete the entire post again, because there are answer to it.
Quote:It looks like that. it's a pity that the mobile version will not be supported.
did you look at the link metulburr posted above. It is saying that it will be available in version 1.10.
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so i spent the past few hours trying to integrate the mobile plugin. The problem is a few things. Mobile users once this plugin is enabled cannot get to the forum at all via the base domain. And the mobile version is messed up and not working. So i have to disable it. Its better to view it small and awkwardly on mobile devices, than not be able to view it at all.

As for a default mobile friendly version. It will happen at some point. But again, only 1% of users here are on mobile. So its not something we are going to pay for for a custom theme, or jeopardize the forum for (like that crappy plugin i have been working on). IF another plugin comes along before it becomes a default, then i will surely try it.

If someone wants to make a mobile friendly theme, i will try it.
(Aug-22-2018, 02:38 AM)Larz60+ Wrote: did you look at the link metulburr posted above.
They doesn't care about mobile version. It's an advertisement for this Ukrainian web application development to solve this problem.

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