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Multiprocessing, class, run and a Queue Object
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Multiprocessing, class, run and a Queue Object
Using multiprocessing and having difficulty understanding the syntax to use within a class. The premise is that there is a producer process who listens for web requests via a Flask instantiation (attaching to and using Slack API), puts them on a shared Queue object, and then consumers read and process the elements in the queue. I am having issues with the producer. I can't figure how to get access to the "Queue" when a message comes in. I can't seem to override the handle_message as it comes from the Slack Events API. Is there another way/better way to do this?

(Abbreviated to get the main jist):
def producer(q_in):
    producerObj = MySlackAPIObj(q_in)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    pool = mp.Pool()
    manager = mp.Manager()
    dataQueue = manager.Queue()
class MySlackAPIObj:
    def __init__(self, q):
        self.theQueue = q

    def run(self):
        slack_events_adapter.start(port=3000, debug=True, use_reloader=False)

    # Example responder to messages posted
    def handle_message(event_data):
        message = event_data["event"]
        self.theQueue.put( message )           #  This is where it errors!   Self not defined

    # Error events
    def error_handler(err):
        print("ERROR: " + str(err))

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