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 Need Help W/ Simple Packet Capture Code
Hey all,

I need help writing a code that can capture packets (pcap) from a dedicated port. All I need is for the code to capture the packet, timestamp it using the datetime module, and write it to a pcap or even a text file.

I don't really know how to capture packets though. I am guessing I can use Scapy, PyShark, or PyPcap. I'm just hoping someone else out there knows a good deal about this.

I'm thinking:

time =
packet = #capture command...
f.write(str(time) + '\n' + str(packet)
Does anyone know the capture command? Can it work like this?

I'm ok with doing a packet capture that saves all the packets to a pcap file for later use, I just need the timestamp to be from the datetime module because I am reading serial data in using this time source.

Thanks for the help!
do you need it in a python script?
is excellent at capturing all network activity
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Larz60+ I have used Wireshark! IT IS very awesome.

However, I DO need to write a python code. I would like to record all my sensors using python.
you can search through these packages:
or if you want to do it from scratch:

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