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 Need help creating a simple script
You're right i got over ambitious ill go back to reading im just super excited
(Jul-14-2020, 07:44 AM)Nonameface Wrote: I dont know anything about loops either. Like i said i just started. Way point has a messenger, and i need to keep looking at it to communicate with other people, and instead of minimizing it will just pop up, and close on its own. K it worked!!! Ok so how do i do the "while loop"?

(Jul-14-2020, 07:49 AM)ndc85430 Wrote: Perhaps you need to work through a book or tutorial on the language, if you don't know basic things like how to use while loops?

I agree with ndc85430, understanding the fundamentals is essential. We can all help you with the code but if you don't understand anything then its pointless. We want to enrich your learning, not cut it short by giving you all the answers! Start with Amongst doing various online courses through Udemy, codeacademy, freecodecamp (Most of the course's i have done have been free) Youtube is always fairly decent, you can find a few decent people to follow on there, and of course:- This forum. Checkout the learning materials here. (I'd recommend doing this first ->
You should import time and use time.sleep(seconds) to wait in the background, you could then use
the os.system() command to kill the window.

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