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Networkx / Data Science

i need your help with a project. I want to use Networkx to analyze relationships between data. For a first test I have the following database:

Document "node.csv" which includes the names for a Company, for example:

And Document "edges.csv" which includes the Connections for a Company, for example:

Company, Employee
A, Max
B, John
C, Frank

With the following code I get the connection between the employees and the company:

with open('node.csv', 'r') as nodecsv:
    nodereader = csv.reader(nodecsv)
    nodes = [n for n in nodereader][1:]

node_names = [n[0] for n in nodes]

with open('edges.csv', 'r') as edgecsv:
    edgereader = csv.reader(edgecsv)
    edges = [tuple(e) for e in edgereader][1:]


nx.draw(G, with_labels = True, edge_color = 'g')
But my problem is that I have several employees at the company. If I now add more employees in Excel, I get the following error message in Python:

ValueError: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 1; 2 is required

The Excel list should look like this:

Company, Employee
A, Max, Anna, Jennifer
B, John
C, Frank, Michael

Many thanks in advance!

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