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 New Users Introduce Yourself
I'm brand-new to Python and to this forum. In fact, I have no programming experience at all, save an introductory course in BASIC I took in 1981. I've installed Python 3.8.0 on my Windows 10 machine, have bookmarked a few tutorials, and have requested a couple of "beginning Python" books from the local public library. And so the adventure begins.

I expect I'll be asking some embarrassingly simple questions, just so I can get off the ground with this. Please be gentle.


hello there, i am newbie
Hi All,
Another old python-forumite here who just found his way back. I remember a lot of your usernames, but not the one I used. Huh (zendruid maybe???)

Getting into Python for my real job after waaaayyy too many years stuck using LabVIEW. Wall
Looking forward to retirement in a few years but plan to keep sharp by coding, hopefully sitting on a beach somewhere.
I still enjoy playing (ESO, Warframe) and creating (Unity, Blender) the occasional video game.

Favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is blue... No Yellow! AAahhhhhhhh…….. .. .. . *


* Requisite Monty Python Joke.
"So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!" - Tim the Enchanter
Greetings, I'm a Python Newbie but a developer Oldbie.
I have been developing business systems since 1987.
Thought I might try Python.
Hi everybody

I'm french and live in Paris, in the neighborhood of the Eiffel Tower.

My knowledge of the english language stems from the few years I spent as a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, back in the early '70. So, as you can guess, I'm getting old.

After having been a user of Microsoft systems and office applications for most of my professional years, I moved to GNU/Linux systems and open source applications when I decided to write a little application to handle games for a club of intellectually disabled grown ups. At that time, where using Windoms 98, it often happend that the installation of a new game would disturb previously installed games. This was very disappointing and we spent quite a bit of time reinstalling the systems and the games.

I joined this forum as I am learning the Python language from the site documentation. I'm aiming at writing a script to record ancient greek vocabulary in order to have it available on both my PC and my smartphone.

Hi Arbiel and welcome in the forum. I used to live very close to the Eiffel Tower myself but that was long ago. Python looks like the perfect language to manipulate ancient greek vocabulary. You could start by storing the words in CSV files that you can read with office software such as libreoffice and manipulate as easily from python programs.
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Hi Gribouillis

I hope you liked staying in Paris.

Regarding ancien greek, I already wrote a shell script to help searching words in the dictionnary : this script handles a text file, each line recording a page number, the first and last word of the page. When one looks for a word wich does not lay into a recorded page, the script displays a little window to have the user enter the first and last word of intermediate pages, until the page is found. The script updates the text file accordingly.

For this process to work, it's necessary to compare words. At the time bein, the bash script derives strings from the words in erasing the diacritics so that the code points based comparison produces right results.

Now, I want to go further in my learning of ancien greek, and need to have displays more sophisticated than a basic display defined for entering two words. bash does not fit this aim, and I hope Python will be much more adequate. I certainly still will have to compare words, and their de-diacriticizing could be avoided if Python is able to compare them based on the alphabet rather than on their code points.


I'm new to the forum and python. Not new to programming though.
I've done some assembly, java, C#, C++

Python is a relief so far.
Hope to read and learn here :)

while not sufficient:
   keep learning
Hello everyone,

My first loggin was probably last year. I might have introduced myself then, but I don't really remember. My interest started because of a little game called Else Heart.Break(), that required you to program in order to get ahead in the game. From here my interest grew.
Unfortunately, because of having to change jobs a lot, I haven't been able to give this a fair shot.

Now I'm here to try again.

I hope to hang out here a lot!

Greetings Lass86
Hello everyone,
I'm a high school student very interested in programming. I started python about a year ago, and i joined the forum a month ago, which is becoming a very helpful place for me. A lot of discussions happen here, and this is the place I come to whenever I have doubts or confusion in codes.
Need help on the forum? Visit help @ python forum
For learning more and more about python, visit Python docs

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