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 New Users Introduce Yourself
I have no idea what i'm doing but python is cool so i'm here now.
(Nov-14-2016, 06:10 PM)Florida4lyfe Wrote: I have no idea what i'm doing but python is cool so i'm here now.

Nothing is wrong with that attitude, some even became presidents that way! Welcome to Python ;)
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Not really a new user, but I've been gone for a while.
I would hope at least a few people remember me.

I've been having some personal issues lately, but hopefully I'll be able to participate in the discussions regularly relatively soon.
Looking forward to rejoining the community.
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Nice to see you again stranac.
glad we didnt lose you in the move stanac
You helped me get rid of my bad (pythonically speaking) C++ habits.
Three years later still sticking with Python
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Hey there, I've been dabbling in python for close to 6 months now. I'm hooked by the simple syntax. Python is like a breath of fresh air after being stuck learning C++ in high school!
DDD - Welcome and enjoy

I'm new to both the forum and to Python. In fact, I probably wouldn't have a desire for any of this were it not for an idea that I had for work. 

We use these old 10-key calculators to take inventory and they're constantly breaking. So, like an idiot, I had an idea - why not build a version of that with Raspberry Pi 3 and Python and then we could reduce cost while having repairs be both in-house and modular, and step away from proprietary and expensive software and just extract our data into Access / Excel like a normal rational person. I've noticed that the Python syntax is really straightforward and reminds me a lot of VBA and how I structure functions in Excel (which is more my wheelhouse than anything else at the moment). 

So.... here I am.... burning in like a rock through the atmosphere, ready to learn Python and a few other things I never knew I wanted to know. 

Ambitious? probably. 
Attainable in a six to seven month scope? probably not. 

Still going to work toward it? yep.

I mean, the worst that can happen is that I keep my job (because I'm an auditor, not a programmer by trade) and I learn something useful that can be applied in the same sense after the invisible deadline. Win/Win.
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I like your attitude. Continue and you will succeed.

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