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New Users Introduce Yourself
I am a 75 year old Retired engineer. I have had a reasonable knowledge of Visual Basic as used in windows access but just for interest I am trying to understand Python. I also like to learn by programming in some useful usable application and so I thought that learning python in conjunction with Qt4 Designer would enable me to apply the language rather than just going through the tutorials. I am trying to encourage one of my grandchildren to take up coding rather than just playing games, so I am trying to achieve a little application that will be interesting for him. I am a compete novice and a professional idiot, but have plenty of time to experiment.
Welcome to Python and the forums! I very much like your cause and plan of execution. And sincerely hope you can get your grandchild inspired to take on coding ;)
Welcome to the Forum. Some words to remember: Since you and you grandchild are new to Python, be sure you use the latest version (currently 3.6.4). We have excellent installation instructions for Windows and Linux in our Tutorial Forum. Stay away from Python v 2.x as this branch is maintenance only and will be discontinued in 2020.

I would also suggest, as new user(s), that you start with Pythons builtin 'tkinter' for your beginning GUI applications. Then for more sparkle, try out wxPython. Note: My personal view and I stress personal, was that QT4 was quite bloated and had a very steep learning curve.

It sounds as if you want to interest your grandchild into creating their own games. For that I would recommend starting with 'pygame'. Again, we have an excellent tutorial in the Tutorial Forum to help get you started. Perhaps you could work on a joint project?

Python is not only a great language but also fun.

If you run into any problems, we are here to help and hopefully you will soon be able to help others on their journey.
If it ain't broke, I just haven't gotten to it yet.
OS: Windows 10, openSuse 42.3, freeBSD 11, Raspian "Stretch"
Python 3.6.4, IDE: PyCharm 2017 Community Edition
To the excellent suggestions pointed out by sparkz_alot, I would like to propose to also give Kivy GUI framework a try. I have just started experimenting with it and can say that it has by far the gentlest learning curve I have come across so far. Good luck!
Hi all,

My name is Lewis and I'm a 68 year young code-a-holic. I've been retired for several years, and have been attempting to keep my mind young with Windows 10 and Excel VBA. My Excel travels now require some Javascript web scraping, thus my arrival here.

I've been on the board and using Python for about 10 days, using your tutorials to get started. It looks like you guys do a great job. There have been many false starts, which is painful, but a good way to learn.

My successful Python adventures so far include:
a. Hello World Smile
b. Running Python from Excel
c. Redirecting stdout and stderr both in code and from Windows .bat files (stdin to follow)
d. Accessing command line parameters using argc and argv (from Windows .bat files)
e. Basic BeautifulSoup
f. Very Basic Selenium using PhantomJs, Firefox, Chrome, Edge,Internet Explorer 11, Headless Firefox and Chrome
g. Graduating from IDLE to Microsoft 'Visual Studio Code'

Don't worry, when I have questions, I won't be afraid to ask.

Thanks again.

Good to see some youngsters here... I'm 70+ Larz60+

Check out: https://python-forum.io/Thread-A-List-of...-Resources

Have fun!

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