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New Users Introduce Yourself
Hi I am Rajib. Learning python with big interest may need help going forward.
Thanks for the reply snippsat.

What will become of the original way I was shown when those first 3 scripts were written, and was using IDLE ? Will I still be able to use IDLE or has IDLE become superseded ?
IDLE is still available, and still not very good. There are many IDE's available that are free and very good. VSCode and PyCharm are two of the better ones. If interested in VSCode, see https://code.visualstudio.com/
and : https://visualstudiomagazine.com/article...ython.aspx
It will run on any platform, and is very good
I used PyCharm for a long time and really liked it. I had some trouble using with virtual environment, but no problem with VS Code. Now myself, snippsat and others use VSCode.

See also snippsat's writeup here: https://python-forum.io/Thread-Need-some...telliSense
Thanks Larz60+

well I know this is the intro thread, so later I will start a new thread and post there what's happening, and get a specific web scrape sorted, ( VBA uses Dynamic Web Query ), and hope to use.
FYI, the VBA web query targets specific tables, not the entire page, will post a few screenshots on new thread.

I'm currently operating a change in my carrer, going back to studying and hoping to become a programmmer.
University requires us to take Python as first language and honestly I find it much easier to read and understand than C, so here I am. A friend who's doing a PhD in CS told me that Python was "the best" so I'm curious why.
I wrote mainly 'C' from about 1979 up to 2012, then started using python.
Every language has it's place, and I would still use 'C' for certain applications.
Python however has a package for just about anything that you can think of (see pypi.org) and the ease of incorporating these packages into your project is the easiest of any language I have ever worked with.
And, Python is really fun!
Enjoy the forum!
I've worked in IT forever but not done any coding for many years. Now I find myself with some free time I'm starting to look at getting some basics going in Python and see if I can bring back some skills from a long time back.
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