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New Users Introduce Yourself
Good day friends, I am precious. i am new to programming and also python programming language. i will be grateful if anyone can assist me to learn faster by lending me beginner information. thanks in advance

I found some of the online courses helpful, you can try them for free, and if you decide want a certificate at the end you can pay a fee

these are just a couple form EDx (there are many more providers)

have fun!
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Hello everyone. Im new student on python language. Im from turkey. I have bad english :P im sorry...
medium level python I have information and i have basic level flask information.
I'd like to help as much as I can
just wanted to give you the salute.
Welcome. All are welcome to answer questions or ask them. Feel free to post to answer or to ask anything.
Hi sorry,

For wrong reply still i am not able to find Post Thread to create new thread can any one help on this.
(Feb-04-2019, 05:45 AM)indra Wrote: i am not able to find Post Thread to create new thread can any one help on this
Select a proper sub-forum, based on the topic of your question - e.g. Homework, General Coding, Data Science, GUI, Networking, Web Development, etc. When in you enter the respective sub-forum, you are interested in, there you will see the Post Thread button
I think I did not write here! Hello everyone, my name is Tom and I study and love the python, good luck to all;)
hey, im new here and new to python starting from the start I know nothing and im wondering can someone help me?

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