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 New Users Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone.

Just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Kristoffer, I am studying to become a data scientist and since I am totally new to Python, I thought this was the place to be Tongue

See you around and nice to meet you all Heart

Good afternoon,

I just came across this forum a few days ago and have been hooked since. I started programming in 7th grade (34 now) with QBASIC. For whatever reason, I stopped in high school (life happens lol). I moved from the Production Engineering to Quality dept at work a few years ago, and used VBA to automate our work instruction authoring/publishing processes, as well as automating our test stations (using excel VBA to talk to a PLC). It reminded me how much I loved programming. I just started a college programming cert a couple months ago, and am hoping to jump ship in the next couple years into programming professionally. My end goal is to create my own trading algorithm with Python. I have also been hooked on stock options, and think an algorithm that executes my strategy (without human error or emotion) would be awesome. Well, sorry for the book. Glad I found this forum.

Hello. I'm here to introduce myself to all of you.
I began learning Python about 10 days ago. I'm currently a full-time employee at a medium-size company, that's not related to tech at all.

My goal is to be comfortable with Python. Then, I would like to learn about Linux and networking. My interests also lay in engineering and science. Being an architecture or researching on renewable energy would be cool.

I appreciate you and your community, hope all is well!
Hi Guys!

My name is Victor. Im 25 years old and come from West Germany. I have studied Computer Science for 3 years without learning programming.

Since I work at my Job we didnt really use any specific programming language we just used Tools such as Windows Access or Joomla for Webistes

Now I am learning Python since last month I really like it more then some other programming languages I've tried.
I received a welcome back msg. when I registered so have indeed used this forum in the past. Really happy to have (re-)found this excellent resource and see it being well maintained and supported by so many viewers / members. As stated there a few such forums available for Python.

Any viewers not joined up yet who read this, please sign up, it makes all the difference and increases the chance of you activily participating, which is a key point of such communities.

Looking forward to learning, learning and learning more .py from the learned within.

Sincere thanks to the admins, mods and generally amasing people that make this possible, kepping it alive and real.

Sincere respect and thanks for your efforts.

Tom (Aust.)
Hi Cryptus and m12m2! Welcome to the forum.
Hello Everyone!

I'm Brandon... an automotive car painter by trade, food truck owner through marriage, and an new, yet avid hobbyist in all thing electric/robotic. My children are grown now and I finally have time to goof around with the things that have always fascinated me...specifically electronic anything. And I seriously mean anything....from resistors and capacitors to mosfets to logic controllers, to microprocessors! I want to know how everything works and have been truly truly enjoying everything I've been learning. I am currently enrolled in an edX online course to learn Python programming in order to gain some mastery over the many projects in my head yet to be performed, and have found that while many concepts with regard to computer programming are somewhat intuitive, many others require a great deal of "figuring." I find the latter to be rewarding -ly challenging, but also will find at times that I'm completely incompetent. I joined this forum in order to perhaps be able to gain insight to things that I am struggling with, and to perhaps just get to rub shoulders with the likes of you all from which I have so much to learn.

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