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 No email notifications
I am not getting any notifications from here when someone replies to a topic i post.
I was checking the box with receiving emails but all i get is privet message.
Why do i get private message when someone reply ? this makes no sense.
Your settings were set to private message for notifications when I checked. I set it to email now. Check if you get emails after this point in time for notifications
I am also not getting email notifications for replies.

I went to here

In UserCP -> Edit options -> Default Thread Subscription Mode: (dropdown menu) will change your default behavior.

And it is set to instant email notification, but I am not getting emails...
looks like there may be an issue with the email on responses for the time being

And when will they be fixed?
I did some tinkering regarding it today. It should be working now.
As of now, everyone currently active will have to reset their subscriptions of all types (thread/forum/etc.).
I did change your default mode to email though.
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So now if you reply to this, I should get an email?
Let's try it!
Haha, it works now ;)
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