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 Noobie seeks help with plug-in
Hey there, now that I am stuck in my home (like many), I thought I’d work on my little personal app but I see I need help.

The plug-in is for the program QGIS, so one would need to be familiar with the program and its API (pyQGIS?), or at least willing to dive into it.

Basically, the plug-in is to randomly select a number of points in a layer, then based on user input (%), divide those into eight separate layers, and append those results to other point layers that have already been created. I believe all the “random/algorithms code” is already available and creating the simple GUI was easy as that is also provided in QGIS. I think it is just me being a noob not able to understand fully and track down error messages like “object is not callable”… things like that. And I have code to show you what I have done.

If your stuck in your home/apartment like me for the next couple of weeks due to Corona Virus and have a few hours to kill maybe you can help out? Thinking like $20/hour for 2-3 hours or we come to some agreement? You can contact me at
Hello There,

I have sent you an email regarding your project need. Kindly check and revert me!

Hi ,
I am available to put 3-4 hours daily
Please check your inbox

Thank you for the many replies for those interested. I have been sick (not sure if it was a light touch of Corona Virus or something else), but I am feeling better. I am try to send those who have responded a reply and attachments of several Python files. But Gmail is apparently now allowing me to do this as I am sure it is for security reasons?

Does anyone have suggestions on how one can a attach files files in an email that has Python files?



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