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 Not Able To Delete First Node From Python Linked List
I have a linked list in python that I am presently implementing. However the scenario of deleting the first node isnt working for me.

Deleting the node at any other point in the list works fine.

I have searched youtube tutorials and other online posts but it seems to have the exact same lines of code that I have.

I have also tried putting print statements in before the lines - self.head = HeadVal.nextval - HeadVal = None

From the output, it does seem to pass the headnode onto the second element of the list and clear the original first item, but when I print the list again the original first node hasnt been deleted. Its almost like the new list structure hasnt been committed to memory if that makes sense?

class Node: 
            def init(self, dataval): 
                    self.dataval = dataval 
                    self.nextval = None

class LinkedList: 
            def init(self): 
                     self.headval = None

            def listprint(self):
                      printval = self.headval

                      while printval is not None:
                           print (printval.dataval)
                           printval = printval.nextval

             def removeNode(self):

                       nodeToRemove = input("Enter Node To Remove: ")
                       HeadVal = self.headval

                       if (HeadVal is not None):
                         if (HeadVal.dataval == nodeToRemove):
                             self.head = HeadVal.nextval
                             HeadVal = None
                              while (HeadVal is not None):
                                 if HeadVal.dataval == nodeToRemove:
                                 prev = HeadVal
                                 HeadVal = HeadVal.nextval

                         prev.nextval = HeadVal.nextval
                         HeadVal = None
                         print("Nothing To Delete")

def MainMenu():

print("1. Create A Linked List")
print("2. Delete A Linked List")
print("3. Check If A Linked List Is Empty")
print("4. Print Out The Values In The List")
print("5. Find A Node In A Linked List")
print("6. Insert A Node In A Linked List")
print("7. Delete A Node In A Linked List")
print("99. Exit")

anotherOption = True

while anotherOption == True:

    selection=int(input("Main Menu --- Enter Choice: "))

    if selection==1:    
        myList = LinkedList()
        print("Linked List Created")

    elif selection==6:
        print("A. Insert A Node Into The Front Of The Linked List")
        print("B. Insert A Node Into The End Of The Linked List")       
        entrySelection=input("Enter Insert Node Choice: ")

        if entrySelection in ["A", "a"]:
        elif entrySelection in ["B", "b"]:

            print("Enter A Valid Selection For Inserting Node")

    elif selection==4:

    elif selection==7:

    elif selection==99:
        anotherOption = False
        print("Exiting Main Menu")

        print("Enter A Valid Selection On Main Menu")


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