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Online game development course for kids
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Online game development course for kids
I am Mariya. My kid is 7 yrs old and interested in playing video games. Now he wants to learn coding and create his own game. So I am looking for some platforms to teach my child coding. Could someone please help me to find out the best coding platform to get online game development course?
You could perhaps have a look at the Scratch programming language developped by the MIT. Look into their site, there is a section for parents. I'm sure you can find online courses for kids in this language.
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Some coding books for kids

some more information
Hi Mariya,

I recently opened my Youtube Python programming channel at
or you can find me by the name of "MK CodingSpace". I have the full course for absolute begnners, also the lessons to teach kids to develop their own games. The kids can ask any questions at the comment section and they will be answered. Thanks. MK CodingSpace.

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