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[Open-Source Project] Need help?
Hi everybody!
I'm looking for some nice open-source project to be a part of.
I really like to help the python community as a "give back" thing, once I have a small business that exists because of python! Smile

I looked into GitHub but I don't know...I prefer to "help" a team that one (or more) member is part of this forum.
some links:
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I am highly interested to work over the project for you. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. We can discuss further on skype or email. Please let me know your interest
I will share more details of mine.

Skype: cisin.karen

Em-ail :

Best Regards,
I'm Davor, the author of Virtual Forms Framework. It is an ActiveX server component, so only windows.
I'm just starting out with Python. Was in the VB world for 20 years and it's time for a change :-)
I was told, and now I see, that the Python is the language to go, the language for the future.
To make the story short. I'm looking for some fellows developers that could help me to bring the Virtual Forms Framework to Python (on GitHub).

The Virtual Forms Framework enables us to, with just a few lines of code, to create Windows desktop database applications (in Python (with my limited knowledge) I was able to do it with 6 lines of code).
It is having a Virtual Forms Designer that is commercial (now the price is around 50$ per developer) and the Virtual Forms control that is totally free to use and redistribute.
The Virtual Forms control fires events like BeforeSave, AfterSave, BeforeFormOpen, TextBoxLostFocus, TextBoxValidate,.....
It can connect to MySQL, Microsoft Access, MSSQL, Excel workbook
Here are 2 short videos:
homepage of the project is
Until we see if there is a market for this in Python I can't promise any money.
What do you guys think?

please post in your own threads, don't hijack others.

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