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 Optimize unittest loading
Hello everyone,

I have a problem, let me describe it.

I've written a unittest (actually, an integration test) for the whole flow of my application (the flow from incoming request to outgoing response). All works fine, but...
When I run my test, the system is preparing (loads all imports, components, modules) for the whole flow, and this takes too much time (over 3 minutes) only for preparation, and only then it runs the test (which takes only 10 seconds).

How can I speedup my test runner? Is there a way to optimize the process? Maybe somehow disable forcing of *.pyc files regeneration or some other way?
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  • Python version
1. Code sample (this is only one file):
# TODO: this class will extends from core HttpCommunicator
from typing import Optional

from contracts import contract

from config import SPWContainerDsb
from provider.request.dsb_request import DsbRequest
from provider.service.request_builder.http import DsbHttpRequestBuilderFactory
from transport.http_entities import HttpRequest
from transport.http_request_to_spw_transformer import HttpRequestToSpwTransformer
from transport.spw_xml_element_transformer import SpwRequestXmlElementTransformer
from transport.transport import Message, TransportAsync

class DsbCommunicator:
    def __init__(
            transport: TransportAsync,
            http_request_builder_factory: DsbHttpRequestBuilderFactory,
            spw_request_builder: HttpRequestToSpwTransformer,
            spw_request_xml_element_transformer: SpwRequestXmlElementTransformer
        self.__transport = transport
        self.__http_request_builder_factory = http_request_builder_factory
        self.__spw_request_builder = spw_request_builder
        self.__spw_request_xml_element_transformer = spw_request_xml_element_transformer
        self.__last_spw_message = None

    def send_request(self, dsb_request: DsbRequest):
        self.__last_spw_message = None
        http_request = self.__get_http_request(dsb_request)
        spw_message = self.__get_spw_message(http_request)
        self.__last_spw_message = spw_message


    @contract(dsb_request='$DsbRequest', returns='$HttpRequest')
    def __get_http_request(self, dsb_request: DsbRequest) -> HttpRequest:
        http_request_builder = self.__http_request_builder_factory.get_http_request_builder(dsb_request)
        http_request = http_request_builder.create_http_request(dsb_request)

        return http_request

    @contract(http_request='$HttpRequest', returns='$Message')
    def __get_spw_message(self, http_request: HttpRequest) -> Message:
        spw_request = self.__spw_request_builder.to_spw_request(http_request)
        spw_request_element = self.__spw_request_xml_element_transformer.to_element(spw_request)
        spw_body = spw_request_element.to_string()
        message = Message(spw_body, SPWContainerDsb(spw_body))

        return message

    def get_last_spw_message(self) -> Optional[Message]:
        return self.__last_spw_message

2. Windows 10
3. 32Gb
4. Python 3.5
I found performance problem in my code: using PyContracts library. It was analyse too match code and rules via inspect library.

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