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 Pandas tuple list returning html string

I am learning python flask and trying to generate html from python list of tuples using pandas dataframe and to_html method

here is my python code
output = [('inst1','insttype1','instregion1','instname1',insttime1'),('inst2','insttype2','instregion2','instname2',insttime2')]
df = pd.DataFrame(output, columns=['Instance-Id', 'Instance-Type', 'Region', 'Instance-Name', 'Instane-Launch-Time'])

htmls = df.to_html(classes="reports")
return htmls

here is my python flask and template code

@app.route("reports", methods = ['POST'])
def reports():
    result = t1.getEC2(profilename=request.form['awsprofile'])
    return render_template('output.html', output=result)
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Reports Testing</h1><br>
{{ output }}

When I execute this, the "output" result gets printed as a continous string instead of a table..whereas if I paste directly via ..I see the table printed

can anyone guide me here what I am doing wrong ?


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