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 Passing data to Labview gives NoneType
Hello, I am trying to run some Python code through Labview involving the lmfit module. The minimize() function of the lmfit module outputs a Parameter() object containing the fitting results. The data in this object can, for example, be called using
This gives the value of fitting parameter A. So far so good. Passing this to labview as a float data type works. However when I try to pass the standard devation value from the Parameter() object using
Labview then gives the following error:
Python returned the following error: <class 'TypeError'> must be real number, not NoneType
However, executing the exact same code in Spyder does give the correct stderr value, while Labview stated there is a NoneType. What seems to be the problem here? How can the value from example 1 be okay, while stderr from example 2 not Think

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