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Phonetic transcriber
I'm a python beginner so please excuse me for any clear mistakes.

This is less of a "Why did i get this error?" question and more like a "How do i do this?" question.

I have a file called "input.wav", that contains audio of me speaking, I want to phonetically transcribe it, and write it to a file called "ipa.txt" so I can do further analysis.

I don't want english captions, since this is a general program.

I want to record myself saying "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and get back "ðə kwɪk braʊn fɑks ʤʌmps ˈoʊvər ðə ˈleɪzi dɔg.".

Note: I don't need it to be specifically IPA, it could be a different format like ARPAbet, it just needs to be able to be converted back to (ideally narrowly) transcribed IPA.

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