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 Please Help with My First Python Attempt
(Jul-01-2019, 02:13 AM)metulburr Wrote: I did look into it today but was more confused with connecting this with your example csv
(Jun-28-2019, 11:46 PM)aupilot00 Wrote: So, if Rank1_Cost Resource was selected for the task in row 2 (E1) the total cost would be 1596.662 (L2*S2) for this task,
and the required resources for resource E would be 0.34 (T2), and because this exceeds resource E's constraint of 0 (X6), the best resource for this row would be A, B, or C; however, all rows would need to be evaluated to determine which is the best choice for this record.

But i am unfamiliar with pandas and excel so that might make sense to someone fluent in it maybe. I would be willing to help, but i am more likely too inexperienced in the required fields.

I was trying to show that, becuase of the resource availability constraint, the lowest cost option may not be the right choice for a specific task. To optimize the total cost of the system the program will basically need to try to use the lowest cost resources on the tasks with the largest number of operations and the highest cost resources on the tasks with the lowest number of ops. Doing so would ultimately sub-optimize some tasks but result in the lowest total cost for all of the tasks combined.

Hopefully that provided a bit more clarity.

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