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Please critique my resume
Hi everyone, the company I work is downsizinng so I need to find a new job as a python developer hopefully soon but I haven't had to make a resume for job since I was a intern a few years. If could please take the time to evaluate and critique it I'd be very appreciative.

change the line under LED Plus that reads:
Developed and optimized a application.


Developed and optimized an application.
I'd turn the list of skills into two or three columns, shrink the margins on the entire doc, and maybe even remove all of the projects you've worked on, so the entire resume is only two pages.  Most interviewers are incredibly busy, and use very superficial means of eliminating people for no reason other than there's too many people in order for them to talk to everyone, so a long resume is often just ignored without being read at all.
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It's dangerous to go alone!  Take this: https://docs.python.org/3/library/index.html

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I was always told to keep it one page length.

In my opinion... keep it short and to the point. Cut out some of that side and bottom and top margins to put some of the text in. Utilize columns to not have so much white space to the right when listing stuff. Like in your contact section you have a ton of wasted space to the right.

In your tech skills i would list them out separated by commas to keep it to one or two lines. There is no reason it should span almost a full page. Join common things on the same line such as python2.7 and python 3, to save even more space.

In your work history, i would shorten your tasks for each job a hair. Its kind of redundant to say Handled technical support for users of the application.. That is what technical support is for, those pertaining to what you are using. So you can get away with just putting technical support. At worst case i would shorten each up as much, and make it into a paragraph separate by commas. Though not as appealing to the eye, it shortens it up while maintaining that much info.

I would shorten something like this
Quote:LED Plus
Lead Developer
Web based application written in Python using the Django framework for
retail energy suppliers. The application simplified the sales process of LEDs to
large properties. It used algorithms specifically designed for the application to
determine the most beneficial rate for the customer as well as formulas to
price out future savings that could be had by switching the customer's lights
to LEDs. The application also included custom developed FTP and REST API
integrations for billing and retrieving large data sets from the retail energy
providers. Responsible for system architecture design, programming, data
management, and administration.

to this

LED Plus, Lead Developer Python Django application for retail energy suppliers. Responsible for system architecture design, programming, data management, and administration.
as an example. You want to give them an overview, not an in depth description. Like Nilamo said, too much can be harmful. In the interview if they ask, you can give them more info.

I would shorten this
Quote:Dunk Punks
IOS basketball game I was responsible for setting up the database structure
and developing the server side code for handling any api calls that were
needed. I also developed a admin panel and took care of any big fixes or
modifications needed.
to something like
Dunk Punks, Developer Responsible for setting up database, server side code, admin panel, and bug fixes.
If you were to ever have more than one page, dont allow separations of group texted like your page 3 and 4.
Datametriq is on page 3, while Developer is on page 4. If that was the shortest possible solution i would add a space to page 3 to force The name to page 4 so its all on page 4.

Be very meticulous when writing the format. Something that catches my eye is the fact that there is no space between the date and title here
Sergeant(2009 - 2013)
where there is
Web Developer (2014 - 2015) and Web Developer (2015 - 2017)

Run a spell checker and grammar on it...
There were a couple of spots where you put a instead of an. Developed and optimized a application. If the word after it is a vowel it needs to be an.

And missing a space between a and fire in Performed as afire team member

Developed and led training programs in preperation for combat.. This to me sounds like you programmed a virtual training environment, or developed some electronic used during training. If not, I would use a different word than "developed". Maybe "constructed"? You also spelled preparation wrong.

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