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 Populating a timetable with subjects
Hello All,

We have to populate a timetable with subjects. What would be the best approach?

In our sample timetable there are 25 hours (keys), all the FH value should be replaced with random subjects as many as their corresponding hour.

timetable = [{'A1': "FH", 'B1': "FH", 'C1': "FH", 'D1': "FH", 'E1': "FH"},
{'A2': "FH", 'B2': "FH", 'C2': "FH", 'D2': "FH", 'E2': "FH"},
{'A3': "FH", 'B3': "FH", 'C3': "FH", 'D3': "FH", 'E3': "FH"},
{'A4': "FH", 'B4': "FH", 'C4': "FH", 'D4': "FH", 'E4': "FH"},
{'A5': "FH", 'B5': "FH", 'C5': "FH", 'D5': "FH", 'E5': "FH"}]

subjects_required_hours = {"S1": 4, "S2": 3, "S3": 5, "S4": 3, "S5": 5, "S6": 5}

what have you tried?
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