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 Posting html values to views/models in Django
This is very basic and I'm new to web development with Django. My goal is to create new user with username, password and e-mail id and I'm having roles drop down as well.

Upon clicking on Submit button, the html page (which is basically a template) should send those values to views/models and there I need to validate

I need suggestion on how to post the html values to python function and post validation, I need to post those validated values back to another html

I didn't had requirement to work for HTML/any other web development, I'm finding hard to achieve it

I designed web page till to get username, password, mail and to select role option

Any genius, kindly come forward and suggest me options. I need some logic.. coding part I can take care. Many thanks in advance Blush
Just go through the tutorial on Django's web site.

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