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 Printing k-means clustered clusters
I'm trying to print the number of the cluster and the words inside the cluster.
Out put should be:
Cluster 1: dog run walk
Cluster 2: three four

Here's the making of he clusters:
def kmeans_clustering(words):
    n_clusters = 3
    clusterer = KMeansClusterer(n_clusters, euclidean_distance, repeats=10)
    vectors = [numpy.array(normalize(context_vector[word])) for word in words]
    assigned_clusters = clusterer.cluster(vectors, assign_clusters=True, trace=True)

kmeans_clustering('three four dog run walk'.split())
I tried to iterate through the word and then append the the cluster number and the word to a list,
but I get a out of range error and I intuitively also think it might not work.

This is the only thing I have gotten to work, but it's not what I want.
    for i, word in enumerate(words):
        print ('Cluster', str(assign_clusters[i], word))
Larz60+ wrote Apr-06-2020, 12:33 AM:
Please post all code, output and errors (in it's entirety) between their respective tags. I did it for you this time, Here are instructions on how to do it yourself next time.
Please use proper code tags while posting a thread
Need help on the forum? Visit help @ python forum
For learning more and more about python, visit Python docs
Does your problem have anything to do with K Means Clustering, or is it just processing your results? Please provide more detail and show what you have tried and the error message you are getting.

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