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 Problem reading data from file
I am trying to read a simple colum vector as

mediaXoriginal = open('posx_mean_no_acoplo_tf_multiple.txt', 'r') 
and then

However, the resulting output is

<built-in method read of _io.TextIOWrapper object at 0x0000018430573EA0>
The file, posx_mean_no_acoplo_tf_multiple.txt only has numbers and I need to have a vector to later use an interpolation function.

Any help is appreciated.

You must not show the (address of) the function, but execute the function by adding ().
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(May-22-2020, 08:17 AM)ibreeden Wrote: You must not show the (address of) the function, but execute the function by adding ().

EDIT: I have found the syntax error. Your answer works fine. Thanks.

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