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Problem with for loop
Yes I know it as re in it now, If I go this route it will not. I just never seen sys.argv[1] used be for. I try ed it and just want to know why it did not work. You told me why, I thank you for that. OK, let get to it. I can't find any way to scrap for emails that does not use re. Is their another modules that does what re does? I been looking and writing all the email scraper that I can find. I want to see how all of them work. Right now I think I got around 30 of them. All use re. Hope you can help.
Hi I found out how the email scraper with this in the opening line "sys.argv[1]"
work it works just fine like I had it. I was running it wrong.
In kali I try to run it like this root# python then I hit enter.
I got the error you see on the post. The way it should be ran is this way:
root#python It run well like that.
working on two more now.

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