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 Proces for registering to this forum
Just a question to the technicians who maintain the software for this forum (I don't know how else I can contact them).
I'm NOT a native English speaker (as you probably guessed). When registering to this forum, I needed to enter my username, email address etc... . Then I had to prove that I am a human being by resolving a captcha and replying to a question. The captcha's are OK, but many of the questions are almost impossible to be understood by a non native English speaker. Most of them seem to be referring to jokes in slang English (UK-English, US-English, ...). Although I have been working most of my life for a Texan company, it was very hard for me to understand most of the questions. It took me unreasonably long time (several restarts) to prove that I'm a human being.

I almost gave up, but finally managed to get through. Maybe these questions can be changed to make it easier to register to this (good!) forum?
Thank you for your feedback. I have removed some of the wordy/trick questions and replaced them with basic math to avoid language barriers.
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