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[Profit Sharing] Ruins of Camelot mmorpg seeking Networking Lead
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[Profit Sharing] Ruins of Camelot mmorpg seeking Networking Lead
Hello, we are a small indie group working on a Hardcore MMO called Ruins of Camelot. We have a team of six people currently and have a skilled musician, three coders, and pixel artist, and a coordinator but are in need of a networking lead for the team. Your job would be to help us build the server/database for the game. You will not be working alone but, your task would be to designing and integrating the server network. Please reach out if you are interested.

Please msg Discord: Arthurian#4355
Hi Arthurian,

i can help you with your requirement please reach me out at Frank(@)cisinlabs(dot)com or S.k.y.p.e cis.am3 .

warm regards

I would be glad to help you in this project to build and manage your database. Could you please share more details via email: or we can connect over Skype: priyankaabnave.cdn for a discussion.


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