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 Projects for Beginners
Hi, may I ask if any of you have any project recommendations for beginners? I want to practice and hone my skills in Python. Would really appreciate ideas. Thanks!
we have a thread - Collection of programming ideas and challenges
Also you may want to check
you can get some ideas here:

google: 'project recommendations for beginners python'
Thanks for the recommendations. WIll check it out!
It has taken a while to build up my knowledge of programming in python so that I understand it but there have been quite a few programming examples I've found on the way that helped.

I have started to use some supplementary material in the form of machine learning podcasts, a book called automate the boring stuff as well as seeking out advice using GitHub and StackOverflow to get support.

Here are some of the best examples I found on github:
Here are three of the best I have found showing python programming examples:

Python Programming Examples: link
Geek computers - python: link
Python Programs: link

You can also try the book 'Automate the Boring Stuff' - I found it super helpful

And finally - creating a Tik Tak Toe game is a great way to get started as a beginner link

I wrote an article about how I worked my way up to my first beginner python program - if you want to hear more you can read it here:
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