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PyCon 2017
PyCon 2017 is under way.
If any interesting videos post link here.

This one is worth watching,the best and most original talk from last year.
K Lars Lohn - Keynote - PyCon 2016

Also mention one from PyCon 2015.
David Beazley - Python Concurrency From the Ground Up: LIVE! - PyCon 2015
Watched about half of the Lohn video. Very entertaining, and will finish the rest as soon as I log out.
Thanks for sharing.
This guy brought a flute to the keynote. Very surprised, must watch later.

Please continue recommending good videos.
Videos has started to come up here.
Keynote video up at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_iAXzy3xBA
Two talk that i liked from what i watch til now is Jake Vanderplas talks.
Jake Vanderplas - Keynote - PyCon 2017
Jake VanderPlas The Python Visualization Landscape PyCon 2017

He also nice to give away his book for free on GitHub.
Python Data Science Handbook
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