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 [PyGUI] Pressing button by code after gui is loaded
Dear users,

I use an application where a gui is started:

class alkisImportDlg(QDialog, alkisImportDlgBase):

    def __init__(self):
        self.leSERVICE.setText(s.value("service", ""))
        self.leHOST.setText(s.value("host", "xxxx.xxxxxren.intern"))
        self.lePORT.setText(s.value("port", "5432"))
        self.leDBNAME.setText(s.value("dbname", "alkisnas7"))
In my .ui-file the button is created like:
<widget class="QPushButton" name="pbStart">
<property name="text">

But what I need is, that after loading the GUI a function is called (without manually clicking)
that starts "".

Could anybody give me a hint please?
Thank you very much, Kai
Question is PyGui another version of Qt -- like PyQt and PySide2 ?? or is it one of these latter two?
silly American kah-nig-hit

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